A New Review for Me

I’ve been chatting a bit with Jennifer Wylie (@jen_wylie) on Twitter lately. I first saw her tweeting with @shaydenfl about his S.H.I.T.S. posts–you gotta check those out. Well, Jen started following my Sassy Gal Blog Tour (which has hit a huge snag due to my bad planning and health issues), but anyway, Jen posted comments on my tour and ended up getting a FREE copy of my romance novel DARK SHINES MY LOVE. She liked it. Here are some snippets from her review. You can read the entire review at her new Blog: Jennifer Wylie’s Blog

The latest book I’ve read, and my first to review on my blog, is Dark Shines My Love. Author Alexis Hart has truly woven a wonderful story in this romantic novel. I would say that I couldn’t put it down however as I read it on my computer I’ll just say I literally did not step away until I’d finished.

She goes on a bit about how brilliant I am…er the story is…er…she goes on…

The descriptive writing is amazing and the dialog pulls you along with the characters emotions.

I can honestly say that it warms my heart to know that someone other than me gets the humor when I write it. That has not always been the case. LOL I know this because Jen also says…

You will find both humor and seriousness in this book, and of course some wonderful love scenes.

Okay, I was really pleased with the part about the love scenes. I absolutely hate writing love scenes. I cannot write sex scenes, I have a very hard time writing sex, but I guess I do a little better with love scenes. I am a little more comfortable when there is emotion involved, maybe that is the key for me.

Thankfully, Jen writes what every author wants to read about their own work. This is how good buzz gets started.

Overall, I would definately recommend Dark Shines My Love. Any reader who enjoys a good romance novel with a touching love story that captures you and pulls you along until the very end should give this book a read!

Thank you, Jen, for a wonderful review. It is actually one of my best ever. God Bless Twitter and the Blogosphere!


2 responses to “A New Review for Me

  1. Nice review, congratulations 🙂

  2. yeah, yer right it’s never easy. But at least I can hold a mechanical pencil between MY paws…..er fingers.
    you didn’t ask, but I’m happy to host your blog if you are intereted.

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