Bad News Be GONE!

Here it is Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:04…yeah, A.M.  Who the hell gets up at 6 A.M. on Saturday morning? I try to sleep until at least 7:30, otherwise I begin to wind down by 2 ish.

This past week has been plagued by one bad thing after another, a few of the highlights are the five bombings in Lahore, Pakistan where we have family, my ISBN Log (where I assign ISBN’s to our books and keep track of the titles and authors, cause each book and format has to have its own ISBN) got corrupted and ate all the info, and my Plantar Fasciitis is in full major pain mode (like I have time to soak my foot.)

But while these and a myriad of other things have been hell on my stress level, there have been some good things to mention.

  1. We have completed and are sending the adoption papers to INS. Yup, hubby and I are adopting a baby from Pakistan. We are certain he will grow up to be President of the world. I’m just sayin’.
  2. I got a person at Borders Corp. who is actually going to help me get the money Borders owes me for books. Woohoo!!!
  3. The snow is all melted here in Laurel, MD. Okay, it took a lot of rain to do it, but you can see the grass! Yeeha!!

If those things aren’t enough to make you smile, then here are a few links to get the ol’ happy juices flowing. I leave you with the good…

A Haiti adoption with a happy ending   *this is especially interesting to me since we are adoptig internationally. All children deserve happy and loving homes.

Alex on track with its first childhood development centre *being a former PreK teacher it warms my heart to see that South Africa is doing so much to help raise the next generation for success and happiness. Go South Africa!

Charming Prince gives monarchy a boost Down Under *This young man has so much of his mother in him. He will make her very proud.

Building free homes for wounded vets *I have nothing but love for those who give back. This man is more than a hero, he is a role model!

Have a HAPPY HAPPY Saturday!



4 responses to “Bad News Be GONE!

  1. Oh, congrats on the new baby!!! 🙂 That’s so awesome! Do you know whether you’ll be adopting a boy or a girl?

  2. Hi Karen! Sorry to hear things are going kind of rough, but glad to see there is some good news on the horizon. Thank you so much for your tweet, you don’t know how happy it made me feel! I showed it to my boyfriend and he said “Awww!”

    Thought maybe one of these would cheer you up:

    The Muppets: Twenty-First Century Reboot

    Dolphin Bubble Rings

    You are, after all, about 90% of the reason behind these articles 🙂

  3. Hey, Karen! Sorry to hear about your hellish week. Sad to say, things aren’t much better here in Michigan, but then again, misery loves company,doesn’t it!

    Congratulations on your adoption news! Raising children has been one of the most challenging/rewarding experiences of my life and they are so darned cute when they are little. Great news.

  4. I was up until 2:17 am working on some work-related business and got up at 8:30 to drive my son to a job interview in the rain. Usually I’m up before 6.

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