A Fresh Beginning

Well, it ultimately happens to all of us. You read something and you know exactly what it means. You click the little button, it asks you if you are sure, and you know you are. So, you click that “yes” button with total confidence in yourself. At which point, life as you know, everything you have worked so hard for, and strived to make as wonderful as possible is…GONE! Gone, dammit.

With one stinking little click, it is all wiped from the face of the earth never to be seen again. How in the world does that happen? What in the name of everything did you do? You were sure. You knew what you were doing. Right? Well, yeah. Sorta. Pretty much.

Well, CRAP. Now that the damage is done you discover you had no stinking idea what the heck you were doing and you should have just left well enough alone.

So, here we are with a new home for Life as a Publisher, because I KNEW exactly what I was doing. Yeah, whatever.

Effective immediately, I will begin rebuilding my Blog empire to the glory it once was. Please feel free to lay your pity at my feet via a comment. I am tough, I can take it.

And for the record, when Google ask you if you are sure, you be damn sure, cause once it’s gone, the fat starts singing!


9 responses to “A Fresh Beginning

  1. Stephanie Vunkannon

    Delighted to see your work has a new home!

    Don’t forget to work in some Amazon buttons to your
    blog so we can support your fine work by using your
    blog as our Amazon portal!!

  2. You are like the phoenix. You made a wonderful WordPress site instead! Isn’t it fun? I like it MUCH MUCH MUCH better than your Blogger site. It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s each to see everything, I love it!

    It will be built back up in no time. People will be looking for you. They will find you. We will help!

    Thanks for putting up my blog tour!!!!



  3. I feel you. I did something similar earlier this year. Trying to clean up labels at Blogger, I hit delete and inadvertently deleted almost two years worth of blog posts. I was sick over it for days, until I too embraced a fresh start, and moved on.

    Good luck with the new place!

  4. I feel for you. The same thing happened to me on MySpace this week. I hit the update button while trying to change some stuff and the entire website background was lost. Also lost my slide show (which I can’t remember how I made — dumb me!) and the Missing slide show you put up on the bottom of the page. What shows now is just plain ugly white and a bunch of words. Tried for an hour to get it all back and couldn’t. I give up.

  5. Geepers, that was scary! I thought I’d lost you!


  6. Does that mean Teen-Seen was deleted as well? I sure hope not 😦

    Sorry for the loss, don’t feel bad all that can be regained.


  7. Let’s just say that when you set every single Google related thing up separately and by itself all at different times, when you try and delete one account through your Google Account, it deletes EVERYTHING!

    And I am an old fashioned kid of girl. My words will keep the enthusisam going!


  8. What happened? I mean did you try to delete it and later regretted your decision, or was it an accident and you lost all your followers, info and older blog posts during the re-make?

    Well the site looks nice, a little antique though, maybe a bit droopy for the energy I know you spread.


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